Privileged passport is focused on assisting people to redefine their own borders. Although the world is set to be shrinking, the reality is that it remains difficult for many individuals to travel and live where they see fit. The privilege of an open world is only available to a small percentage of individuals. Our ethos focuses on giving individuals an opportunity to choose. We work closely with the experts of countries adopting a globalist mentality.

Malta’s Individual Investor Programme


The MIIP targets high net worth individuals and families from any country (except for just 3 that that Authority specifically excludes), seeking to obtain a second citizenship.

Deemed to be among the best ‘Citizenship by Investment’ options currently available, this programme has proven to be very successful.

  • Citizenship in a stable EU Member State that is highly respected, neutral, and which guarantees its citizens visa free travel to more than 20 countries worldwide.
  • An application process that’s effective, has the world’s strictest due diligence standards and cross-checking of applicants which ensures the integrity of the Programme as it allows admission uniquely to the most highly respectable clients.

The application process is very straight forward. Applicants are required to satisfy the preconditions. The process takes approximately 12 months, counting from the date of application for a residence permit (issued within a period of 2 weeks and with a validity of 18-months) because of the requisite residence criteria, and concluding with the registration of the main applicant and his dependants as a citizen of Malta and the issue of their Passports.

Individual Investor Programme Information
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VISA Programme


The ‘Malta Residence and Visa Programme Regulations, 2015’, a straight solution for residency has been established and is aimed at drawing reputable High Net worth non-EU nationals and their dependants; to settle and live in Malta on an indefinite basis, and also allow them to travel in the Schengen zone without having to apply for a visa.

The application process has been simplified so that the applicant only needs to satisfy the requisite criteria. It takes approximately 4-5 months from the date of submission, to delivery of residence cards  to the applicant, which will have a validity of 5 years after which it can be renewed for the same length of time.

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The Maltese Archipelago strategically placed in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is made up of three islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino. It got it’s independence from Great Britain in 1964, joined the European Union in 2004 and thereafter adopted the Euro currency.
Malta boasts a good environment for business and hence provides a favourable atmosphere of stability for companies to invest and flourish in a global marketplace.

The tourism, industrial and financial sectors in Malta are highly developed.
Malta offers visa free travel to over 160 countries and having the Maltese Citizenship allows one to work and be able to live in all 28 countries of the EU.

Malta has a rich cultural heritage with over 7’000 years of history and has several breathtaking historical sights that will throw you back thousands of years. The Island has good schools making it an excellent choice for families relocating and state of the art health services.
Last but not least, Malta has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and enjoys an excellent climate and enjoyable Mediterranean ambience.


There are several benefits that come with the obtaining of the Maltese Citizenship. Below are some of the many benefits which may vary from one individual to the other.

  • The flexibility of having more than one passport
  • Living in a politically stable atmosphere
  • A high quality of life
  • Freedom of movement in the Schengen zone and Visa free travel to over 160 countries worldwide
  • The right to work, live or study in any of the 28 EU countries
  • Possible benefits for tax planning
  • Good standard of education
  • Access to outstanding health care facilities
  • Residing in a country where personal security is assured

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