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Malta’s Individual Investor Programme (MIIP)

The Maltese Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) allows anyone and their family to access Maltese citizenship, through making a contribution to Malta’s economic development. In the EU, it is the first citizenship programme that has been recognised and officially approved by the European Commission. Applicants who qualify get recognition and are granted the same rights as any Maltese citizen. This includes the freedom to move, live, work, and vote in Malta as well as in the EU. It is mandatory to go through an ‘Approved Agent’ who will be responsible for the application processing and representing the applicant throughout the MIIP process.

Investor Criteria

What is the qualifying age of the main applicant

Must be minimum 18 years.


Has to be registered as a Maltese resident for minimum twelve (12) months.


The acquisition of a property of minimum €350,000 OR the rental of a property for minimum €16,000 annually, held personally for five (5) years.

Economic Contribution

Main Applicant €650,000
Dependants Spouse, Child (-18) €25,000 each
Child between (18 – 26) €25,000 each
Parents/Grandparent (+55) €50,000 each


Must invest €150,000 in Government issued bonds or shares, which shall be held personally for five (5) years.

Requirements and Procedure

  1. Approved Agent’s internal Due Diligence Process
    The Approved Agent will determine whether they can represent the prospective client and if they are eligible to the governing Authority.
  2. Application for the Maltese E-residence Permit
    For the main applicant to apply for a residence permit, it is necessary for them to apply for a residence permit. This will allow the applicant to fulfil the 12 months residence requirement. The approval of a residence permit is a good sign as to the likelihood of a successful full MIIP application. For an individual to apply for a residence permit, a Maltese property must be secured (rented or purchased).
  3. MIIP Application
    The full application is put together, which consists of the preparation of all the official MIIP Application Forms and collection of all the requisite documentation. Once the Agent’s submission has been formally accepted, a 120 day due diligence review is undertaken. During this time the Authority may request supplementary clarifications.
  4. Letter of Approval in Principle
    Once the Letter of Approval in Principle has been received, the main applicant has to meet the Investor Criteria within the time frames determined by the Authority.
  5. Certificate of naturalization
    Once the Investor Criteria has been met, the applicant and family will get an invitation from the Authority to take the oath of allegiance.  Subsequently they will each receive a Certificate of Naturalization and a Maltese passport.
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